Inter County Championships 2011-2012


Girls Under 19 Inter County Finals:


Ellie Lake
Kip Quiney
Joely Bennett
Emily Penkett
Hannah Ballard

Match Report
On Saturday, 10 March the Gloucestershire Under 19 team of girls: Ellie Lake, Kip Quiney, Joely Bennett, Emily Penkett and Hannah Ballard travelled to Surrey for the Inter County Finals’ weekend.

In the semi finals the young Gloucestershire players easily overcame Northumbria losing only the odd game here and there. 

In the Finals Gloucestershire met a very competitive Yorkshire team.  Gloucestershire’s number 5 seed, Hannah Ballard and number 3 seed, Joely Bennett fought valiantly but lost the first two matches finding the competition just a little too strong.  Next the Gloucestershire number 4 seed, Emily Penkett who came back from 2:0 down with a determined performance to win her match against Charlotte Kirkwood keeping Gloucestershire’s hopes alive.  Then Gloucestershire’s number 1 seed played Katie Smith, a highly ranked national English under 19 girl.  Ellie took the first game convincingly then lost the next two.  Ready for the fight Ellie, a true champion, fought back with determination and won the next two games both 13/11, to win the match.  Up last Gloucestershire’s number 2 seed, Kip Quiney against Jess Dixon for Yorkshire.  Jess took the first game 12/10, Kip fought back to take the second but lost the next 10/12 fighting back in the fourth to take the game 13/11.  With the tie at the wire Kip finally won the fifth. 

Gloucestershire’s gritty, feisty, determined young ladies were well deserved victors and won the Inter County Under 19 Girls’ cup for the first time in over thirty years.  What a superb achievement.



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