Girls U19 Team Report


Gloucestershire GU19 Inter County 2009-2010 Season

The Team: Julianne Courtice, Rebecca Quiney, Sarah Barnes, Emily Penkett, Sammy Blundell, Hattie Crawford

The Results:

Stage I

In October 2009 Gloucestershire hosted the first IC matches of the season against SE Wales and Hampshire at Wycliffe College.
Gloucestershire vs SE Wales 3-2
SE Wales vs Hampshire 3-2
Gloucestershire vs Hampshire 5-0
Making Gloucestershire top of group in Stage I

Stage II

In January 2010 the team travelled to Maidstone in Kent for a long day playing three teams, Kent, SE Wales and Surrey.
Kent vs SE Wales 1-4
Surrey vs Gloucestershire 0-5
Kent vs Gloucestershire 0-5
Surrey vs SE Wales 1-4
Kent vs Surrey 3-2
Gloucestershire vs SE Wales 5-0
Maximum points won by Gloucestershire in Stage II, all matches won 3-0 and as a top of group will continue to finals weekend.

Finals Weekend

For the Finals the team travelled to The University of Surrey. The venue was to be the new Sports Centre one of the first events to be held at this Olympic venue, sadly Health & Safety prevented this at the last minute and the Varsity Centre courts were used instead.


Gloucestershire vs Yorkshire 4-1
SE Wales vs N Wales 3-2
Gloucestershire and SE Wales going through to play the final.


Gloucestershire vs SE Wales 2-3
Very close matches with the Gloucestershire team troubled by injuries, but battling to the end. Thank you to everyone in the team this year and to Dave Morrish for our coaching.






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