County Closed Championships


Sept 2007 - Junior County Squash Championships

This season saw the Junior County Squash Championships return to the East Gloucestershire Club on the Old Bath Road in Cheltenham, with Cheltenham College accommodating the overflow. Our new tournament organiser Jonathan Gallacher, did an excellent job in scheduling the matches for a large entry of 120 boys and girls who competed in various age categories. The standard was extremely high with many of the county’s top players being nationally ranked. Our thanks go to Mallams Auctioneers and Axiom Building Services Ltd for sponsoring the event, along with Dunlop who provided the prizes.
The County’s A teams are the target for many of the players, and this year due to the strength of the players, both the boys and girls teams under 13, 15, 17 & 19 are through to the national Inter County Championships quarter finals, with many of those teams hoping to make it all the way to the Finals in the Spring.

The full listed results are as follows:

Doubles Champions Will Fell & Mich Crawford
Doubles Runner Up Anthony Graham & Matt Lisk

Girls Under 11 4th Place Elin Jones
Girls Under 11 3rd Place Florie Smith

Girls Under 11 Runner Up Nicola Clarkson
Girls Under 11 Champion Ellie Hewer

Boys Under 11 Plate Runner Up Shivan Mistry
Boys Under 11 Plate Winner Leon Mason
Boys Under 11 4th Place Alex Lane
Boys Under 11 3rd Place Ryan Wilson
Boys Under 11 Runner Up Louis Penkett
Boys Under 11 Champion Ewen Howard

Girls Under 13 Runner Up Kip Quiney
Girls Under 13 Champion Ellie Lake
Boys Under 13 Plate Runner Up Will Smith
Boys Under 13 Plate Winner Scot Piranty
Boys Under 13 Runner Up Matt Bedwell
Boys Under 13 Champion Tom Broekman

Girls Under 15 Plate Runner Up Sophie Mackie Heppa
Girls Under 15 Plate Winner Alice Hemmingway
Girls Under 15 Runner Up Kip Quiney
Girls Under 15 Champion Emily Penkett

Boys Under 15 Plate Runner Up Fred Peace
Boys Under 15 Plate Winner Alex Williams
Boys Under 15 Runner Up Sam Davidson
Boys Under 15 Champion Tom Ford

Girls Under 17 Plate Runner Up Samantha Blundell
Girls Under 17 Plate Winner Hattie Crawford
Girls Under 17 Runner Up Rebecca Quiney
Girls Under 17 Champion Julianne Courtice

Boys Under 17 Plate Runner Up Will Fell
Boys Under 17 Plate Winner James Jeffrey
Boys Under 17 Runner Up Sam Cantle
Boys Under 17 Champion Nathan Lake

Girls Under 19 Plate Runner Up Jacky Ho
Girls Under 19 Plate Winner Steff Chung
Girls Under 19 Runner Up Rebecca Quiney
Girls Under 19 Champion Julianne Courtice

Boys Under 19 Runner Up Chris Quiney
Boys Under 19 Champion Anthony Graham

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